A reality born from the intuition of the great Matteo Arzenton, he understood the future already at the beginning of the 21st century.
This lighting continues with great passion and results to date.


Specialagri wants to implement the well-being of people, starting from the essential: from the earth.
In fact, agriculture is the essence of every being and it is right to be healthy.


Microorganisms are the future, the alternative and the solution to many restrictions that are emerging.
To eat well, we have treat the soil well.

From the raw material...

Each raw material is carefully selected, to maintain the high standards to which our customers are accustomed.

The wide range of strains available gives us the opportunity to create amazing things, understanding even more the power of nature.

Our products

... to the finished product

When the skilled hands of the production staff determine that our formulations are ready for use, the product passes into the hands of the commercial network.
It identifies and proposes the best solutions, customized according to the different needs.

Our products are used in agriculture, environmental remediation and biopurification.